This website was created and is run by two diving instructors, on a personal and non-commercial basis, to offer and share information on various aspects of diving in Japan.

Information given here aims to hep others, especially non Japanese-speaking divers, gain a good overview of diving in the Japanese archipelago, and some insights on various aspects of Japan’s diving culture, based on our personal experiences working as dive-professionals both in Japanese and non-Japanese environment (more info about us here)

Though we will certainly include personal reports and media in the blog section of this site – especially when the Covid-19 situation improves – yet this is not really a travel/lifestyle/promotional blog, and we are not focused on gaining followers and monetising content in some way or another.

Our focus is also not on promoting dive-trips that we might organise, or some other related business approach, which, we believe, leaves us greater editorial flexibility, and lets us avoid the more promotional approaches commonly found online.

We are not affiliated with any organisation and, unless stated otherwise, all opinions given on these pages are our own.

To date (April 2021), this website contains no affiliate links and partnerships.

Should this change, if material is published in a form of partnership and/or contains links that constitute an affiliate link, we will make sure to make this clear and also inform you regarding the nature of the collaboration involved.

We do our best to provide useful, quality content. However errors may appear, and the authors make no warranty about the accuracy and completeness of its content and, to the maximum extent permitted, disclaim all liability from its use.

For more official, government-sanctioned information, please check out the Japan National Tourism Organization pages on diving here, and for more detailed information on local dive operators, including direct contact options, please check out the NPO Dive In Japan’s home page here.

Our full Terms and Conditions and other legal notices can be accessed here.

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