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Who are we, and what is this site for?

We are a scuba diving instructor/guide couple, both speaking English, Japanese and French as our main working languages, and both trained in a dual French CMAS and RSTC (PADI, SDI/TDI) context, which provided us with distinct, yet complementary approaches to recreational diving and education.

After working as instructors and naturalist dive-guides in Japanese and non-Japanese environments for a few years, in day-trip and liveaboard settings mainly in Indonesia (Komodo, central Raja Ampat), Mexico (sea of Cortez) and Thailand (Andaman Sea), we decided to settle down in Japan, we are now based.

We created this website on a personal and non-commercial basis, to share useful information on the riches of diving in Japan, along with our own perspectives on diving cultures, based on our practical experience as active divers and dive professionals.

bluejapan.org/fr consists of general information pages on diving in Japan, and also a more fluid and personal blog section, updated as we go along.
We both share a keen interest in underwater videography, and will be sharing our own locally made video clips, as well as other material we appreciate.

Well aware of the impact that tourism development and diving-related activities can have on both the environment and local communities, we’re particularly interested in local conservation issues and related projects that, acknowledging the complexity of the questions at hand, work with all actors involved to make real practical improvements.

We’d like to promote sustainable development and ecotourism initiatives, and also the best practices of responsible diving, both in terms of environmental sustainability and safety awareness, by creating a just culture and integrating human factors in diving.

Please understand that these pages are currently run on a purely voluntary, non-commercial basis, to offer our own content, but also to share material and info on diving in Japan that we would like to give exposure to.
We believe in sharing and collaboration, and our pages are not intended to compete with other sources, including government-affiliated efforts or more commercial ventures, but rather complement the wealth of information already available.

All in all, our primary aim is to be of use to the diving community, by centralising and sharing information on what makes diving in Japan unique, from an independent, non-commercial standpoint, with our own personal twist and perspectives.

We hope these pages will be informative and contribute to raising the interest in Japan as solid diving destination, but also act as a somewhat entertaining bridge between cultures.

Cheers, and happy bubbles!

Ben & Kayo



Ben grew up in the Middle East,  Australia and later in France, and holds degrees in Social Sciences and Japanese Studies.
Before diving, he worked as a professional musician then as a translator and guide in Japanese, English and French languages.



Kayo was born in Ōsaka, Japan. Moving to Paris to pursue music studies, she worked in France and abroad for over 10 years, before working full-time as a dive professional, and speaks French and English along with her native Japanese.


 This website was created and is run on a personal and non-commercial basis, to offer information on various aspects of diving in Japan.

We are not affiliated with any organisation and cannot be held legally responsible for the veracity of information provided here for informative purposes only and, unless stated otherwise, all opinions given on these pages are our own.

For more official, government-sanctioned information, we invite you to check out the Japan National Tourism Organization pages on diving here, and for more detailed information on sites and local dive operators, including contact options, please check out the NPO Dive In Japan’s home page here.

For more legal information on these pages, click here

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