Photographers and videographers

As discussed here, there is something of a Japanese aesthetic when it to comes to underwater photography.

A special style, mostly defined by the photographers’ choice of subjects and settings, use of distance and focal length, a frequent focus on vivid colours, light and bokeh, with results often more abstract than underwater picture styles commonly found elsewhere.

Major Japanese diving magazines, book publications and websites strengthen this domestic tendency (could we go as far as calling it a Japanese school of UW photography? Time will tell..)

Here are some typical examples of such publications by well-known Japanese underwater photographers:

辺野古ー海と森がつなぐ命 by Takuya Nakamura

美ら海 きらめく by Ikuo Nakamura

unknown (未知の海) 不思議の国の海  –  夢色の海 and  海中散歩 by Yasuaki Kagii

Beyond major / blue chip project such as NHK productions, things currently rather quiet on the video front in Japan, with the exception of Kirin Sekito, with productions such as this one or v-log / promotional clips.

Here is a small selection of Japanese underwater photographers and videographers:


Hideki ABE


Takaji OCHI

Hiroyuki TOMURA


Tamaki OZAKI


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